Books by Millie Copper

The Havoc in Wyoming Series


When a series of coordinated attacks devastate the United States, the people of Bakerville, Wyoming, must come together to survive. Unfortunately, not everyone has the town’s best interest at heart. Some are striving for personal gain during the apocalypse.

Montana Mayhem

The Montana Mayhem Series

After a series of coordinated attacks devastate the United States, a group of people find themselves stranded in a quiet Wyoming town. As soon as the weather allows, they embark on the journey home to Montana. Unfortunately, in this new apocalyptic world, it won’t be easy… it might even be deadly.

Bitter Mayhem

The Dakota Destruction Series

After a series of coordinated attacks devastate the United States, Katie and Leo sacrifice everything to help their country.

Katie and Leo decide to join the Volunteer Unit, to make a difference as the country begins to rebuild. But after they find themselves in South Dakota, a tragic disaster makes the Volunteers unwelcome.

Wyoming Fall

Wyoming Fall Series

Lauren and her family had been grieving the unimaginable loss of her husband, just trying to make it from one day to the next. Things were just starting to return to a semblance of normal.

Then, in the blink of an eye, an EMP changed everything for them. Now they are in a fight for survival, trying to keep their loved ones alive as society collapses around them.


Nonfiction Books

Nonfiction Books

Millie Copper has penned seven nonfiction books, focusing on preparedness and traditional cooking:

    • No-Cook Meals for Your Food Storage
    • Sprouts for Your Food Storage
    • Sourdough for Your Food Storage
    • Stretchy Beans
    • Design a Dish
    • Stock the Real Food Pantry
    • Real Food Hits the Road

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