Havoc in Wyoming

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The Complete Havoc in Wyoming Series

The Complete Havoc in Wyoming Series

A Ten-Book Box Set

When a series of coordinated attacks devastate the United States, the people of Bakerville, Wyoming, must come together to survive.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the town’s best interest at heart. Some are striving for personal gain during the apocalypse.

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Wyoming Refuge: A Havoc in Wyoming Prequel

Wyoming Refuge

A Havoc in Wyoming Prequel

If you instantly had to leave your entire life behind to save your family, could you survive?

Sam and Georgia Mitchell are visiting their third-grade twins’ school for Career Day. All is going well…until it’s not. The calm dissolves into chaos as they are suddenly thrown into an active-shooter situation. They’re able to stop the gunmen, but all is not as it seems.

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Caldwell's Homestead

Caldwell’s Homestead

Havoc in Wyoming, Part 1

At the edge of the wilderness, far away from the big city, nothing bad could ever happen in such a protected place…or could it?

Jake and Mollie Caldwell started their small farm and homestead to be able to provide for an uncertain future for their family, friends, and community. They have tried to plan for everything, but they never imagined this would happen.

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Katie's Journey

Katie’s Journey

Havoc in Wyoming, Part 2

When terrorists attack several US cities, Katie is sure she will be safe in her college town. She’s wrong.

It’s a busy summer break from college for Katie Andrews. She’s a server at the fanciest restaurant in town, has an amazing internship with a hot graphic design studio, and is enjoying life with her boyfriend, Leo. Everything comes to a crashing halt when disaster strikes.

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Mollie's Quest

Mollie’s Quest

Havoc in Wyoming, Part 3

If you were stranded away from home in a dangerous new world, what would you be willing to do to get back to your family?

In a world that is drastically changing—not just by the day, but by the hour—Mollie’s quest to reach home is no longer simply a desire. It’s now a matter of survival.  Will her provisions and faith be enough? And is her family safe and secure in the small refuge they’ve created?

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Front Cover - Havoc Begins

Havoc Begins

A Havoc in Wyoming Story (Part 3.5)

When the worst thing that can happen happens, will you be able to survive?

Laurie Esplin is spending summer break from college in her hometown of Wesley. As far as she’s concerned, this small town–full of kind people–is just about heaven on earth. Her fiancé Aaron makes it even better. When a series of terrorist attacks happen, Laurie is concerned but is positive they’re safe in Wesley. 

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Shields and Ramparts

Shields and Ramparts

Havoc in Wyoming, Part 4

The United States, and the community of Bakerville, face a new threat… a threat that could change America forever. As the neighbors band together, all worry about friends and family members. Have they found safety from this latest danger?

Lindsey and Logan escape extreme danger on the West Coast. They thought they had faced the worst of this disaster, but they are not prepared for what they find on the road to Bakerville. 

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Fowler's Snare

Fowler’s Snare

Havoc in Wyoming, Part 5

Even in the apocalypse, it’s hard to keep a secret.

In this chaotic new world—where nothing is normal, easy, or safe—the people of Bakerville are doing their best to survive. Coming together as a community seems the only way to succeed. But not everyone has the community’s best interest at heart. And secrets, both long-buried and current, threaten to dissolve relationships and cost lives. Things may not be as they seem, and it’s hard to know who to trust. 

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Front Cover - Havoc Rises

Havoc Rises

A Havoc in Wyoming Story (Part 5.5)

It’s supposed to be one of the happiest times of their lives. But things don’t always go as planned.

Newlyweds Shelby and Grant Cameron are expecting their first child. But their excitement over the upcoming birth is shadowed by a series of terrorist attacks. Shelby’s concerns are increased when the town’s hospital burns down.

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Pestilence in the Darkness

Pestilence in the Darkness

Havoc in Wyoming, Part 6

How much would you sacrifice to keep your family safe?

Jake and Mollie Caldwell spent years planning for an unknown future, with the intention of providing for their children and grandchildren. When it’s apparent they can’t keep their family safe on their own, they band together with the community of Bakerville to move to a new defensible location.

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Christmas on the Mountain

Christmas on the Mountain

A Havoc in Wyoming Novella

Can the meaning of Christmas still be found in the middle of the apocalypse?

As the people of Bakerville celebrate the holiday season, new dangers emerge, forcing Rochelle to do things she never imagined doing. Can she figure out this new world and keep her family safe?

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Front Cover - Havoc Peaks

Havoc Peaks

A Havoc in Wyoming Story (Part 6.5)

When it’s not safe to stay in your home, sometimes there is no choice but to leave.

When their small community in Oregon is overrun with refugees from the nearby cities, Clarice and her family assume they will band together with their neighbors. As the other families mysteriously disappear, it soon becomes evident the only option is to leave.

But the only safe place they know is over 1000 miles away. Will the journey prove too dangerous?

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My Refuge and Fortress

My Refuge and Fortress

Havoc in Wyoming, Part 7

They’ve given up everything for security.

When Jake and a group of hunters return to Bakerville and find their former neighbors slaughtered, they realize there is a new, even more deadly threat. Will their reinforced location be secure enough? And what about the radio announcement from the president? Will his promise of help arrive in time?

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