The Complete Havoc in Wyoming Series

A Ten-Book Box Set

When a series of coordinated attacks devastates the United States, the people of Bakerville, Wyoming, must come together to survive. Unfortunately, not everyone has the town’s best interest at heart. Some are striving for personal gain during the apocalypse.

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Unending Havoc

Montana Mayhem Book 1

Sometimes, you just want to be wrapped in the safety of your mother’s arms…especially when an EMP turns your life upside down.

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Wyoming Refuge

A Havoc in Wyoming Prequel

If you instantly had to leave your entire life behind to save your family, could you survive?

Sam and Georgia Mitchell are visiting their third-grade twins’ school for Career Day. All is going well, until they hear gunshots. The calm dissolves into chaos as they are suddenly thrown into an active shooter situation.

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Millie Copper | Post Apocalypse Author

As a blogger for over a decade, focusing on preparedness, homesteading, off-grid living, and traditional foods, Millie has penned three nonfiction traditional food focused books, sharing how, with a little creativity, anyone can transition to a real foods diet without overwhelming their food budget. The Havoc in Wyoming series is her first foray into writing fiction, using her lifestyle and personal experiences as a guide. 

Latest Books

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Wyoming Refuge: A Havoc in Wyoming Prequel

Wyoming Refuge

A Havoc in Wyoming Prequel

Caldwell's Homestead

Caldwell’s Homestead

Havoc in Wyoming, Part 1

Katie's Journey

Katie’s Journey

Havoc in Wyoming, Part 2

Mollie's Quest

Mollie’s Quest

Havoc in Wyoming, Part 3

Havoc Begins

A Havoc in Wyoming Story (#3.5)

Shields and Ramparts

Shields and Ramparts

Havoc in Wyoming, Part 4

Fowler's Snare

Fowler’s Snare

Havoc in Wyoming, Part 5

Havoc Rises

Havoc Rises

A Havoc in Wyoming Story (#5.5)

Pestilence in the Darkness

Pestilence in the Darkness

Havoc in Wyoming, Part 6

Pestilence in the Darkness

Christmas on the Mountain

A Havoc in Wyoming Novella

Havoc Peaks

Havoc Peaks

A Havoc in Wyoming Story (#6.5)

My Refuge and Fortress

My Refuge and Fortress

Havoc in Wyoming, Part 7

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The Montana Mayhem Series

Coming Summer of 2021

Coming summer of 2021, the Montana Mayhem series follows Tamra, Rochelle, Leanne, Victoria, Kimba, and the rest as they strike on their own while searching for the desires of their heart.

Unfortunately, the road will not be easy, and sometimes the heart is hardened and deceitful. When things don’t work out as they hoped, will they become stranded in the wilderness? Or will each be able to find their way home?