Caldwell’s Homestead

Havoc in Wyoming, Part 1

At the edge of the wilderness, far away from the big city, nothing bad could ever happen in such a protected place…or could it?

Jake and Mollie Caldwell started their small farm and homestead to be able to provide for an uncertain future for their family, friends, and community. They have tried to plan for everything, but they never imagined this would happen.

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Katie’s Journey

Havoc in Wyoming, Part 2

It’s a busy summer break from college for Katie Andrews. She’s a server at the fanciest restaurant in town, has an amazing internship with a hot graphic design studio, and is enjoying life with her boyfriend, Leo. Everything comes to a crashing halt when disaster strikes.

What starts as a situation affecting only a few big cities, soon escalates, and the college town of Manhattan is embroiled in chaos. Leo knows it’s time to take Katie home. Katie isn’t so sure. Going home will result in revealing secrets she doesn’t want to share.

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Mollie’s Quest

Havoc in Wyoming, Part 3

Two or three times a year, Mollie Caldwell travels for business. Being away from her Wyoming homestead is both a fun time and a challenge. This time while on her business trip, disaster strikes, shutting down air travel.

In a world that is drastically changing—not just by the day, but by the hour—Mollie’s quest to reach home is no longer simply a desire. It’s now a matter of survival.  Will her provisions and faith be enough? And is her family safe and secure in the small refuge they’ve created?

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Shields and Ramparts

Havoc in Wyoming, Part 4

The United States, and the community of Bakerville, face a new threat… a threat that could change America forever. As the neighbors band together, all worry about friends and family members. Have they found safety from this latest danger?

Lindsey and Logan escape extreme danger on the West Coast. They thought they had faced the worst of this disaster, but they are not prepared for what they find on the road to Bakerville.

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Millie Copper | Post Apocalypse Author

As a blogger for over a decade, focusing on preparedness, homesteading, off-grid living, and traditional foods, Millie has penned three nonfiction traditional food focused books, sharing how, with a little creativity, anyone can transition to a real foods diet without overwhelming their food budget.

The Havoc in Wyoming series is her first foray into writing fiction, using her lifestyle and personal experiences as a guide. While this is her first time putting a story into print, the stories have been rattling around in her head for years. What a relief to finally let the stories out!

Latest Books

Caldwell’s Homestead

Havoc in Wyoming, Part 1

Katie’s Journey

Havoc in Wyoming, Part 2

Mollie’s Quest

Havoc in Wyoming, Part 3

Shields and Ramparts

Havoc in Wyoming, Part 4

Havoc Begins

A Havoc in Wyoming Story

Wyoming Refuge

A Havoc in Wyoming Prequel

Coming Soon!

Fowler’s Snare

Havoc in Wyoming, Part 5

Welcome to Bakerville, the sleepy Wyoming community Mollie and Jake Caldwell have chosen as their family retreat. At the edge of the wilderness, far away from the big city, they were so sure nothing bad could ever happen in such a protected place.

They were wrong. Now, with the entire nation in peril, coming together as a community is the only way they can survive. But not everyone in the community has the people of Bakerville’s best interest at heart.

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