Montana Mayhem

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Wicked Havoc

Wicked Havoc

A Montana Mayhem Prequel

Moms can be so annoying…especially during the apocalypse.

The last year has been difficult for thirteen-year-old Beth. Add in the life-altering EMP, food shortages, mass chaos, and being in constant danger…things are definitely not okay.

Unending Havoc

Unending Havoc

Montana Mayhem Book 1

Sometimes, you just want to be wrapped in the safety of your mother’s arms…especially when an EMP turns your life upside down.

After losing her husband in a tragic fire, Tamra’s brother-in-law offers shelter and security for her and her daughters—which is essential in this new world that’s rapidly dissolving into chaos. 

Ruthless Havoc

Ruthless Havoc

Montana Mayhem Book 2

If your son were missing, what would you endure to find him?

Nine months ago, Rochelle’s world turned upside down. Her son was away at summer camp when the lights went out. Then things went from bad to worse. Her husband was murdered as she watched. She and her daughters were taken captive, then sold to the highest bidder.

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