Shields and Ramparts

Havoc in Wyoming, Part 4

The United States, and the community of Bakerville, face a new threat… a threat that could change America forever. As the neighbors band together, all worry about friends and family members. Have they found safety from this latest danger?

Lindsey and Logan escape extreme danger on the West Coast. They thought they had faced the worst of this disaster, but they are not prepared for what they find on the road to Bakerville.

Sisters Sylvia and Sabrina leave their Phoenix suburb to join their mom and stepdad in Bakerville. When they run out of gas, they need to finish the last 150 or so miles on foot. Are they up for the challenge?

Jake and Mollie Caldwell have created a refuge for their family and friends—a place where everyone can be safe. What happens when danger lurks in the perceived security of home?

The Havoc in Wyoming series has been described as “Cozy Apocalypse” and contains no profanity; gratuitous sex scenes; or gruesome, overly detailed death scenes. While set in an imagined future, the people of Bakerville face real-life obstacles, created by this new world and brought with them from their old world. In this fourth installment of the series, the action and danger intensify and their world is a little less cozy.