Wyoming Refuge

A Havoc in Wyoming Prequel

Sam and Georgia Mitchell are visiting their third-grade twins’ school for Career Day. All is going well, until they hear gunshots. The calm dissolves into chaos as they are suddenly thrown into an active shooter situation.


Retired Navy doctor Sam Mitchell, with assistance from his wife Georgia, is able to stop the gunmen and prevent catastrophic loss of life. Unfortunately, all is not as it seems, and soon the Mitchell family must flee their small Wyoming town or risk death.


But disappearing in today’s world of computers and a 24-hour news cycle isn’t as easy as it sounds. And hiding out is even more difficult when you don’t know exactly who you are hiding from. Just when the Mitchells are beginning to feel safe, things take a drastic turn. Do Georgia and Sam have the skills and ability to keep their family safe?


Wyoming Refuge is a prequel novella to the Havoc in Wyoming series, set just before the Havoc beings. The Havoc in Wyoming series has been described as “Cozy Apocalypse” and contains no profanity; gratuitous sex scenes; or gruesome, overly detailed death scenes. While set in an imagined future, the people of Bakerville face real-life obstacles, created by this new world and brought with them from their old world.