Mollie’s Quest

Havoc in Wyoming, Part 3

Two or three times a year, Mollie Caldwell travels for business. Being away from her Wyoming homestead is both a fun time and a challenge. The farm—started to help provide for an uncertain future for their family, friends and community—keeps the family busy, meaning extra work for her husband while she’s away. This time while on her business trip, disaster strikes, shutting down air travel. No worries. She has a rental car, and driving is an easy two-day trip.

Unfortunately, in this new world, easy no longer exists. Thanks to years of planning and research, as well as some last minute preparations and a newfound trust in God, Mollie is equipped with the essentials. And she is determined to reunite with her family.

In a world that is drastically changing—not just by the day, but by the hour—Mollie’s quest to reach home is no longer simply a desire. It’s now a matter of survival.  Will her provisions and faith be enough? And is her family safe and secure in the small refuge they’ve created? In this third installment of the Havoc in Wyoming series, things become increasingly apparent the old adage is true; even the best laid plans can easily go awry.

The Havoc in Wyoming series has been described as “Cozy Apocalypse” and contains no profanity; gratuitous sex scenes; or gruesome, overly detailed death scenes. While set in an imagined future, the people of Bakerville face real-life obstacles, created by this new world and brought with them from their old world.