Katie’s Journey

Havoc in Wyoming, Part 2

It’s a busy summer break from college for Katie Andrews. She’s a server at the fanciest restaurant in town, has an amazing internship with a hot graphic design studio, and is enjoying life with her boyfriend, Leo. Everything comes to a crashing halt when disaster strikes. What starts as a situation affecting only a few big cities, soon escalates, and the college town of Manhattan is embroiled in chaos. Leo knows it’s time to take Katie home. Katie isn’t so sure. Going home will result in revealing secrets she doesn’t want to share. 


Jake and Mollie, Katie’s parents, have created a refuge in Wyoming. A place the entire family can go if the world falls apart. A place everyone is sure will be safe. They have tried to plan for everything, but they never imagined this would happen. When disaster strikes, Katie’s mom is away on business, leaving Jake and ten-year-old Malcolm to prepare for the worst. 


Katie’s sisters and their spouses live within an easy drive under normal times. For Katie, getting home means traveling over a thousand miles. And when she arrives, she knows she’ll need to come clean. Not only with her family, but with God. Will God accept her back after she turned her back on Him? And will Katie be able to overcome the guilt and shame she is feeling?

In this second installment of the Havoc in Wyoming series, they suddenly find themselves in a chaotic new world where nothing is normal. And traveling to safety isn’t easy; it’s downright dangerous. And being home isn’t any less threatening. 


The Havoc in Wyoming series has been described as “Cozy Apocalypse” and contains no profanity; gratuitous sex scenes; or gruesome, overly detailed death scenes. While set in an imagined future, the people of Bakerville face real-life obstacles, created by this new world and brought with them from their old world.